Grow Boxes

Grandma’s Secret Garden

from $695

This small but sturdy cabinet allows you to harvest crop after crop in an enclosed environment. One of Dealzer’s most popular grow boxes. You’ll be growing within days, this box has everything you need for 9 plants.


Cash Crop Grow Box

from $449

The Cash Crop Grow Box is one of the favourites at Dealzer. It has everything you need to get going – and is ideal for the beginner or expert. A popular choice that comes with free Fedex shipping..


Superlocker 3.0 Grow Cabinet

from $1,295

This is one of the classic grow cabinet designs and will fit into a small space, looking entirely like a standard office cabinet. This system in the right hands can produce 8 pounds of quality crops per year.


Superbox Grow Box

from $795

Prices quoted include delivery within the United States with no additional extras. Completely automated Grows 8 plants. Ideal for the beginner or expert alike.


Mortgage Lifter 3.0

from $2,995

The one and only ‘Mortgage Lifter’ tent. Found at Dealzer. As the name suggests this set up is capable of producing massive yields with it’s huge storage space and superponics hydro system.